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 The Father Figure

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PostSubject: The Father Figure   Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:12 pm

There is one person that you can trust and that is the parent figure who has great moral integrity. I need to follow up more of my thoughts on this subject but the least and last place to begin trusting people are from sources known to be destructive.

There is a lot of talk about the NWO and what I see is a lack of accountability like pirates taking at will.

One of the things that has been taken from me is my right to be a parent and to have a say in how my children are raised. My Step Mother is a wicked witch and a good friend of the family who is like minded in the lack of morals must have teamed up with my step mother and together these two women got into the minds of my wife and along came my mother and the recipe for total destruction of my authority over the way that my children would be raised was stripped away from me.

This unlikely group of criminals have done things that are so reprehensible that the NWO looks like Choir members in comparison.

This might seem a bit of a rant, but I have the proof through a twisted luck of fate that there is a moral breakdown and I need to intervene, the problem is a dual or tripple front has created the perfect storm to prevent my ability to act on impulse at the moment that I have knowledge of what I would like to correct in the behavior of my child.

It is a complicated issue because privacy rights to one is good parenting to another...

I'll explain more when I have the ability, for now I have to take my new information and sit on it in order to gather even more proof that I have been violated.

This may be directly related to the server crash...

A flawed belief system has been put in place and the NWO might be trying to crash the internet around me and don't think I'm making this all up... I'll show my cards soon enough.
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The Father Figure
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