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PostSubject: Guidelines   Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:35 am

Sleep yeah, that is how I feel about rules and regulations...so here's just a few simple things that I'd like to mention to keep the serenity flowing on the forum... meditate


If it isn't your article, picture, intellectual property, etc please stick a credit to the original owner on it and/or link back to the site you found it on. This helps others who may want to explore further find the information as well. And it creates good karma sun


Goes hand in hand with copyright - please don't link to conversations on other forums or reveal personal experiences others have posted on other forums ~ this is a violation of the terms of forums. All material is owned by the original site housing it and usually one of their conditions is that no discussion will be reproduced elsewhere.


Forums are a melting pot of different cultures, ideas and opinions. You don't have to agree or like something that is said to be polite. You are expected to respect the rights of others to their opinions however and it is highly recommended that you interact with them in a courteous manner. If you find yourself feeling angry - step back and away from the situation. The staff are always here to help diffuse things should they get out of hand.


Yet another no-brainer. Nobody's religion is better than another's. Nobody's culture is superior to anyone else's. Respect the differences and we won't have a problem. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated - it is simple law of cause and effect. Racial slurs and irrational flame wars will not be tolerated and The Virus will get out his guillotine and deal with you harshly should you not engage in friendly behaviour.


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