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 Mission Statement

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PostSubject: Mission Statement   Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:59 pm

The aim of Light Warriors has always been to reduce the fear surrounding paranormal topics, while providing a safe, respectful environment for self-exploration and sharing experiences with one another. Through sharing skills, tools and knowledge, we all grow and learn. It is only through understanding that we can feel safe and grounded in a world that often does not accept us.

We are many things and have diverse roles. Each of us within this forum are teachers, students, friends, and fellow travelers along the highway of life. When we come together, we are a community. In his book, Life Before Death, psychic medium, Colin Fry, describes community in this way:

"...community is about bonding with the people around you so that you are part of each other's wider lives. Community in this sense can refer to relations among people who share some interest...for me one of the most important roles of community is as a network of people all giving each other help and support. "

We are seekers of truth, bringers of light and beacons of hope. We are all interconnected and we chose to come into human form to experience separation. As more and more people awaken from the amnesiac slumber of physicality, communities like ours provide important support and sanctuary. We are nurturers, catalysts and pioneers. Most of all, we are eternal and we are:

Don't be afraid to be who you are and claim your own inner knowing. Let the light shine through.

wlcom to our community, evolutionary souls grouphug

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Mission Statement
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